Welcome to my stash page, a.k.a my future projects page. Hopefully this page will be an incentive to me to use up my fabric stash!

Fabric: Tana Lawn
Fibre content: 100% cotton
Length: 2m

I bought this last summer in Liberty  because the print is just wonderful! I'm thinking a pretty summer dress or a night-robe. Or maybe some 
summer pjs... I'm so indecisive!

Fabric: Canvas
Fibre content: 100% cotton
Length: 3m - 1m dyed pink red, 2m dyed light pink

This is technically cheating from me. The darker pink is already coming together to make a duffle bag, and the pink has been partly used to make a mini duffle bag. However, neither project is finished so I reserve the right to still refer to these fabrics as stash!

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